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Your farmhouse with stables in Tuscany

The equestrian centre Il Poggio offers to the most experienced riders the horseback riding in the country, and the complete introduction with several weekly formulas. Some examples are the summer weeksfor children, stages of induction and specialization to de different equestrian disciplines, the endurance and the hurdle jumping with our federal instructors.

All who approach for the first time to the horseback riding will find a skilled and organized facility where they can do basic courses; a perfect place to spend a period in very close contact with the horse. The riders who want to spend a holiday with their horse, or who want to train it on different kinds of soil, in the Equestrian Centre Il Poggio will find an ideal union of equestrian technique, research, comprehension and listening to the horse with calm and serenity.

To take part in our activities, we require the enrollment to the Equestrian Centre Il Poggio, that gives you the Licence F.I.S.E. “A”. if you have it yet, you are automatically enrolled.

Equestrian Centre Il Poggio affiliated F.I.S.E. – English Mount – Coach and Instructor F.I.S.E. of E.C. 2° level – riders of national and international level


23 boxes stable – 14 Italian, Arab and derived Arab horses – Sand arena 30 x 60 meters – Endurance Course – country itinerary with genuine obstacles.